Scientifically designed to give you maximum cooking performance. Chef's Ware Cookware not only functions at top efficiency in your kitchen, but also protects foods flavor and nutritional content.


Finely crafted precision cutting tools Chefco Professional Series and Chefco Cutlery. German artisans use Old World tradition of hand-forged craftsmanship with state of the art technology, to produce a precision cutting tool.

Filters & Purifiers

Now there is a way to provide your family with water that is virtually free from chlorine and chloramines. Water that is clean, clear, has no odor and tastes great! Water more convenient than bottled, and at a fraction of the cost. Our Air Purifiers reduce up to 99% of bacteria, fungi, pollen, molds, allergens, dust mites, viruses, cooking odors and much more.

Welcome to Eastern Home Products!

Eastern Home Products is owned and operated by Mr. John Howard. Eastern Home Products was established in Knoxville in 1974. Eastern Home Products is the area's distributor for a top quality line of cookware. The main office was started in 1947 and is family owned and operated. It is marketed through in-home demonstrations. One of the strongest benefits of our products, is that the pieces are guaranteed forever. That means the product can be passed down through families and generations with a guarantee of service amd repair that is unmatched. These products will always perform the same as the date of purchase.We are proud to claim that our cookware is an American made product, manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin.